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Located in Historical downtown Port Hope, STATELY RAVEN STUDIO provides Quality CUSTOM TATTOOS. 

All our artists are trained in proper and safe tattooing to ensure safety for all our clients.

Offering Black and Grey, Tribal, Old School, Celtic, Bio-mechanical, Portraits,  Realism,  Media/Cartoons  and More! 

Almost any design you can imagine can be made into a beautiful TATTOO. Bring in your designs and, printouts etc. and let our artists help you create your very own custom body art.




Anna Swales


For as long as she can remember, art has had a big impact on Anna's life. She started winning awards at a very young age starting with pencil drawings and as she got older her interests leaned towards wood carving, where she excelled again, becoming a recognized Master Wood Carver. 

Years later Anna, with some close friends, decided to get tattoos. It was then, upon seeing the amazing work of the artist, that Anna set a new goal to become a TATTOO ARTIST.  Anna took an intense tattoo course and found an apprenticeship under Jim Swales.

Anna's passions lay with realism and black and greys. 

Anna has been a Wiccan for over 13 years and uses her innate intuitive abilities to match tattoo's to your very own energy, making your body art truly a piece of you. Anna is also a practiced Tarot reader, Reiki Master/Teacher and High Priestess.

During the Covid 19 lockdown, Anna took the opportunity to further her knowledge and is now also a National Guild Certified Consulting Hypnotist.

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Jim Swales


An artist at a very early age Jim would say he had a pencil in hand while in the womb.  Starting out in Niagra Falls Jim has been tattooing since 1985. He is able to tattoo all genres ranging from Old School right through to New School and everything in between.

An Award winning artist , Jim has studied with Crazy Ace Daniels of Way Cool TATTOOS and has owned multiple tattoo shops through the years. He has experience with all walks of life and would be considered a true people person.

When asked about his favorite style of  TATTOO work Jim shows no preference to any particular one and instead enjoys the diversity of styles that his clients come to him for.

Jim has had the honor of tattooing numerous celebrities and rock stars. Coming from the big cities he is now looking forward to working in a smaller more personable town, Port Hope being the perfect place.

After buying a home in Port Hope and falling in love with the people and small town life , Jim's focus is now on preserving the history and art of tattooing in the lovely historical downtown district.


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Jennifer Mancini


As a relatively young tattoo artist, Jennifer is no acquaintance to this big beautiful world of artistry. Since childhood, creativity and artistic expression has been an integral part of her life. Beginning with doodles and sketches at the kitchen table with her big brother, Jennifer has explored the realm of crafting with assorted materials; everything from wood burning to watercolour painting to arts and craft time with her children. Now under the wing of her mentor, Anna, Jennifer is truly enjoying developing her craft into a new life skill and trade as a Tattoo Artist.

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